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Our areas of specialization and more!

All PFL’s team members are highly trained legal professionals with notable specializations which allows them to develop customized solutions even for the most unique and complex situations.

For any aspects of the law which are not covered by the knowledge and skill set of our specialized professional team, PFL collaborates closely with external lawyers and consultants to ensure clients will always have the best legal counsel for whichever areas of law are required for their needs.

Administrative Law

PFL’s Administrative Law team provides counsel to businesses which find themselves in conflict with Public Administrations.


Contract Law

PFL’s legal team is well versed in negotiating and reviewing a wide range of agreements and contracts – in addition to supporting any related administrative tasks required.


Corporate Restructurings

PFL works closely with managers and external tax consultants to assist clients when the restructuring of a company is required.


Mergers & Acquisitions

PFL has a wealth of experience providing counsel on the sale of businesses, corporate takeover plans, extraordinary generational handover plans and more!


Real estate and Patrimony Management

PFL provides counsel, to both individuals and business, on all the legal aspects of the sale, purchase, and strategic management of real estate and real estate portfolios.


Commercial Law

PFL provides counsel to entrepreneurs and senior executives on all legal aspects of running a business, including when capital search operations are required.



Our team prides itself on keeping clients up to date on the latest changes to privacy regulations, in the EU and overseas, to ensure that they are in compliance with the law.


Intellectual Property

PFL provides the counsel and advice clients require to best manage, exploit, and protect their intellectual property. This also includes IP protection through the courts when required.


Corporate Law

PFL provides counsel on all aspects of Corporate Law from the formation of branches of business, company structures, shareholder agreements, corporate governance, and much more!


Criminal & Penal Law

PFL provides legal assistance to individuals, businesses, and legal representatives on a wide range of criminal proceedings – including assistance with filing civil actions.


Italian Civil Law

PFL provides counsel to clients, operating in a wide range of sectors, on numerous Italian civil law matters.


Employment Law

PFL has a wealth of experience advising clients on a range of Employment and Labour Law matters from the preparation of employment contracts to negotiations with Italian trade union representatives.


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