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Legal protection for individuals and legal representatives

Whether you need counsel for a legal case or just a simple consultation on criminal law – our team is always available to help.

It is always best to be proactive and act before the need to go to court arises. However, sometimes this is not possible and assistance is required in court for criminal proceedings. Our legal team is available for the preparation of legal opinions on a wide range of matters and complaints – in addition to representing clients in the Court of Appeals and the Italian Supreme Court.

In more detail our team has a wealth of experience advising on the following matters:

Corporate Criminal Law

Corporate criminal law refers to crimes impacting commercial or professional activities – and usually relates to alleged wrongdoings committed by those who hold senior positions within a company or those who are responsible for overseeing a particular area of work where the alleged crime may have taken place.
Examples of crimes which fall under corporate criminal law are false accounting or the illegal influence on a shareholders’ meeting.

Environmental Crime

Not everyone is aware, but in 2015 damaging the environment became a crime under Law No. 68. It includes anything which causes detriment to the environment such as environmental pollution. Previously these acts only led to fines and administrative sanctions – but today under law they are considered crimes punishable by law.
Our legal team has the specialists in this area to provide counsel to companies and professionals on their environmental responsibilities in order to avoid any involuntary offences. When required, our lawyers work closely with the client advising on any relevant proceedings.

Tax Crime

In recent years, criminal tax law has undergone important changes. In some cases the penalties have been tightened while in others extenuating circumstances have been introduced. All of these changes have made an already complicated matter even more complex. This is another area where specialized legal counsel is very important.
PFL’s tax crime team is continually keeping up to date on the latest regulatory changes in this area in order to not only educate their clients so they can be compliant – but also to be ready to assist them if the need arises.

Corporate Criminal Liability

Sometimes the firm’s client is not a private individual or entrepreneur but instead a business entity or institution. In situations like these it is Legislative Decree 231/2001 which governs the laws concerning corporate criminal liability. Here a crime no longer focuses on managers or shareholders but instead the company – viewing it as an independent legal entity.
In any situation where criminal law is involved the PFL legal team focuses on the unique situation called into question and offers tailor-made legal advice and strategy to work, closely together with our client, towards the best possible outcome.

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