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Waiting to ask for legal counsel can come at a price

Preventative Legal Counsel

In Italy, in contrast to many other countries, legal assistance is often viewed as something for emergencies.  People tend to run to a lawyer only when there is an extreme emergency or at the last moment – and sometimes not even then.  Managing one’s business affairs in this way can be an expensive choice on both legal and economic fronts.

In many ways selecting a good lawyer is like choosing a competent doctor who can prescribe medicines and treatments.  The medical professional recommends check-ups to do and can provide warnings if decisions are leading one down the wrong path. Their advice helps one to proactively live a better life and avoid problems – rather than just solving them.

PFL’s philosophy is the same. Our team works to follow clients step by step, studying their needs and advising them on the best way forward, depending on the situation. It is legal counsel that helps their activities to ‘live better’ and can also, especially in the corporate and entrepreneurial sphere, save money. Being proactive in providing preventive legal counsel means our clients feel protected from inadvertent risks.

Every client is an important client

All PFL’s clients are important clients – no matter their level. Our team treats each individual and each individual matter as if we are providing legal counsel to a CEO or a VIP. Each legal matter and each legal situation has its own unique characteristics – hence PFL takes pride in offering counsel tailored for each specific need.

Our highly trained legal professionals invest time getting to know their clients and their business. It goes beyond a rigid interpretation of the law as we establish relationships with our clients for the long run.

This direct relationship with our clients allows us to develop ad hoc solutions – avoiding standard legal formulas that are recycled and may not be appropriate. The personalized legal solutions provided by the PFL team work towards better results – just as made-to-measure clothing fits better than something mass-produced for high street retail shops.

Knowledge backed up by experience

PFL cannot advise clients on where to invest or what to do to get their business off the ground. Instead, what our team does is help our clients operate within the regulations established by law and to protect entrepreneurs and senior executives and their business interests from legal risks.

Our team members are highly qualified professionals who are prepared, competent, and dedicated to studying their unique areas of the law. They work together to provide counsel on even the most complex matters, which touch on a multitude of different specialized legal practice areas.

In addition, the PFL team can also count on a wide network of national and international professional legal advisors and consultants who can advise on any competencies that fall outside our team’s skill set.

The ability to work as a team with clients and also have the capacity to know when to add external counsel to a legal challenge is fundamental in today’s business environment.

PFL’s ability to assist clients on international matters is also of note – whether it be to carry out business abroad, the opening or transfer of commercial and non-commercial activities across borders, or about protecting their interests and or their assets. This capability is possible through an established professional partnership with a firm based in the United States and through professional relationships with other lawyers around the globe.

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PFL works closely with clients in every situation, supporting them with professionals who provide counsel on numerous specialized areas of law.

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