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How many momentous situations does one face in a lifetime? For example, buying or selling a home; investing money for today – and tomorrow to safeguard the family; creating a new business as an entrepreneur and dedicating resources to make it grow; creating a will – in view of a hopefully distant future.

All of these matters require the support of consultants and lawyers – but which kind of lawyers? It depends.  The legal field is vast, and there are many different areas of specialization to consider depending on each specific situation.

PFL works closely with its clients, providing counsel on situations like these and more.  Our team of professionals, specialized in numerous areas of law, supports clients on a wide range of legal matters they must confront today – and tomorrow.


Francesca Passerini

Italian Bar Association - Milan

Francesca has a wealth of knowledge of family law, real estate law as well as medical and healthcare liability matters from her many years of practice in these fields.

Daniele Sicilia

Italian Bar Association - Busto Arsizio

Daniele, who is also a university professor, provides counsel on a range of corporate law matters as well as providing legal advice in the energy efficiency field.

Cristina Oprandi

Italian Bar Association - Milan

Cristina provides counsel to clients on a wide range of commercial law and bankruptcy matters in addition to providing advice on family law.

Gianpaolo Di Pietto

Italian Bar Association - Milan

Gianpaolo focuses his practice on providing counsel on the complex area of debt restructuring, bankruptcy, tax crimes, in addition to advising on a range of commercial and corporate contracts.

Giovanni Dipierro

Italian Bar Association - Milan

Giovanni provides counsel on Italian employmentand labour law in and out of court – in addition to advising on a wide range of commercial and corporate law matters.

Of Counsel

Marco Panzarasa

Italian Bar Association - Pavia

Lawyer specialized in Italian and international criminal law. He has gained extensive experience in bankruptcy matters and in crimes against the PA.

Giacomo Conti

Italian Bar Association - Milan

Data Protection Officer and Lawyer specializing in IT law and new technologies, in particular in the GDPR and e-commerce. He also works with a high level of specialization in the Real Estate and Administrative Law fields

Business Consultants or Business Advisors

Stefano Pisciotta

Business Strategist & Management

Stefano has a wealth of experience identifying new business models and extraordinary restructuring plans when a business is facing a crisis. He also has a vast experience in the role of temporary management when a business is in transition.

Giacomo Goria


Giacomo is a chartered accountant specialized in the management of business crises as well as providing advice on FeB2B electronic billing regulations and Blockchain.

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