Giacomo Goria



He begins working at the family studio while attending high school. Once he has taken the Bachelor’s Degree, he continues with the Master’s Degree course in “Professional Activities, Administration, Finance and Control”; meanwhile, he carries out his internship at a well-known associated firm.

After completing his university career, he specialized in the management of business crises and began working at the Court of Genoa. Furthermore, he joined the study commission set up by the ODCEC of Genoa and founded the UGDCEC of Chiavari.

In parallel with his studies as an accountant, he carries out those concerning new technologies. He focuses on FeB2B and Blockchain, soon learning to apply them to his work as well. This leads him to win the 2020 edition of the “Digital Professional” award from the Milan Polytechnic, in the “Chartered Accountants” category.

His interest in new technologies also translates into international recognition, including the Forbes Top 100 award in the “Accountants 2022 – Creating value with the customer” category.


CEO of innovative start-ups.
Fiscal and tax consultancy on start-ups and new technologies, such as Cryptocurrency & BlockChain.
Founder of the UGDCEC of Chiavari.
Study commission set up by the ODCEC of Genoa.
Official Receiver, Liquidator and Real Estate Sales Representative for the Court of Genoa.
2013 – Today
Partner of Studio Sciandra & Associati.

Areas of expertise

Fiscal and tax consultancy100%
Statutory Auditor100%
Innovative start-ups100%
Company crisis100%

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