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What is written is written : Get legal advice before signing

A contract is a commitment in black and white. Once an agreement is signed there really is no going back. This is why every agreement and contract should be written, and reviewed, by legal professionals who are familiar with all aspects of contractual law and their implications.

Signing a contract means making a commitment in the eyes of the law. Once signed, no excuse, such as an error in reading or misunderstandings, can be made. If a contract is valid and signed, then the written words within will be the ones subject to law.

Given the importance of contracts, one must always pay the utmost attention during the drafting phase … and not just the final document for signature. PFL provides counsel to protect clients during all phases of the elaboration of an agreement – from writing contracts, reviewing them, as well as asking questions and providing answers so that there is no room for any misunderstandings – always with the specific needs of our clients in mind.

Our team of lawyers have a vast experience assisting clients on the following types of legal contracts:

Commercial Law

Commercial contracts regulate the sale of goods and services in the broadest sense of the term. The drafting of these types of contracts may provide for the inclusion of clauses, amendments, and additions if requested during the negotiation and drafting phases.

Real Estate

There is a wide range of contracts specific to the real estate sector. For example, there are preliminary binding contracts which buyers and sellers enter into before a final deed of sale contract is signed. Lease agreements also vary widely depending on the needs of the parties and the type of real estate asset involved (residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural etc.).

Protection and / or Exploitation of Rights

Contracts can also protect a person against abuse committed by third parties – for example, the contracts that regulate the exploitation of intellectual property rights.

Distribution Agreements

The PFL team has extensive knowledge and experience advising on distribution agreements in Italy, in Europe as well as internationally. For international contracts extra care is always taken to take into consideration in relation to the regulations of foreign jurisdictions in order to always be in full compliance with their laws.


Our lawyers are well versed in drafting partnership contracts between companies and/or professionals which wish to enter into joint ventures. The goal is to agree on the rights and duties of each party, setting goals, defining various phases of a project – as well as outlining the necessary resources and their organization.

Procurement Contracts

Procurement contracts grant an entity the right to carry out a certain type of work – for example the construction of a building or IT / software programming and updates. These types of contracts must include the contractor’s obligations, any cash considerations, and the milestones to be reached and when to ensure the undertaking is completed on time and within budget. Procurement contracts also provide that subcontractors can be engaged for certain tasks when required.

Regulated Professional Contracts

Our legal team also provides counsel on contracts for regulated activities such as those required by professionals operating in the medical and healthcare industries.

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