Commercial Law
We protect large companies and help small ones to grow

All companies, both large and small, have rights and duties in the eyes of the law. PFL advises clients to ensure that they, and their business activities, are always in full compliance with the law.

The PFL team has decades of experience providing counsel to entrepreneurs on all of the legal aspects of starting and running a business. This includes advice on legal strategy, especially when conducting business internationally, in addition to counsel on development matters, financing opportunities, and supporting clients when capital search operations are required.


Our team advises on establishing start-ups and guides clients through all aspects of the process. When ideas for a start-up are still in the embryonic stage PFL assists entrepreneurs with shaping their vision and identifying the most interesting way forward. For example, if there are the conditions to create a business in the ‘innovative start-up’ category then our team can provide counsel on how to access the additional benefits which go with launching this type of activity.

Due Diligence

Our team provides due diligence services for both large and small companies – with the purpose of evaluating any potential opportunities or critical issues before any major investment is undertaken – such as new collaborations and branch openings.


Opening a business or a branch of business abroad also means confronting the laws of a new legal jurisdiction. PFL has established relationships with numerous firms and legal professionals around the world – especially in the United States where our team has a long history of collaborating with American colleagues on numerous cross-border transactions.

Cross-Border Transactions | The EU and beyond

From the moment a business opens a branch abroad or collaborates with a foreign entity, then one must take into consideration all of the legal implications of economic transactions – especially in terms of different laws and taxes.
Our team of professionals can assist clients on cross-border matters when required, including on a daily basis.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

PFL provides counsel to innovative start-ups and SMEs on new private equity and capital venture partner agreements when external funding is required.

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