Intellectual Property
Ideas are the foundation of success: They must be protected

Protecting physical property is relatively simple. Protecting intellectual property can be much more challenging and hence requires legal counsel.

The fruit of our intellect may be intangible – but it is no less important than the tangible. PFL provides counsel on the management of all that is “intellectual property” so that it may be protected and exploited in the best way possible. Our team can also provide counsel in and out of court when intellectual property has been used incorrectly or without permission.


In the field of marketing and communication intellectual property plays an important role especially in terms of the distinctive images of a brand – for example the logo, website content, and even the domain name.
Our legal team provides counsel on the defense of the distinctive features of a client’s brand so that no third party can exploit or use it improperly.


PFL has extensive experience defending intellectual property rights – whatever form it takes. The first step involves the creation of documents as undisputable proof that the actual intellectual property belongs to our client.
For items such as software or works of art, the proof of ownership of the intellectual property is registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office. For inventions, on the other hand, a special patent filing procedure must be followed. In all cases, it is our job as your legal advisor to collect the necessary documentation and make sure that the application process is successful.

Exploitation & Cessation

The PFL Intellectual Property team is well versed in drafting contracts to determine how each unique piece of intellectual property can be exploited, within what limits, and at what price. In the event of a violation, our team can defend clients, in and out of court and, if required, make a claim for compensation.

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