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We help to create the foundation for a safe and productive workplace

PFL provides counsel on all legal matters relating to the workforce and the workplace. This also includes day-to-day assistance as well as advising on sudden crisis situations.

Our employment law team advises on a number of complex matters in the field of employment and labor law – from the impact on the workforce in the face of a corporate merger, disputes with employees, challenges with the generational transition of management, and more.
Our specialized employment and labor law lawyers also provide strategic counsel for the efficient and productive running of the workplace through the development of internal policies and corporate work structure strategies.

Protection of Rights

Employment and labor law in Italy is quite complex. PFL provides counsel to protect both the rights of employers and employees – avoiding abuses and always treating specific situations within a company as unique in order to offer solutions specifically for a particular need.


Each year the Italian government creates new incentives for employers to hire workers in different categories (i.e. apprentices, youth etc.) and each year PFL provides updates to our clients so that they can take advantage of these incentives. This proactive approach allows our clients to hire new talent at a reduced cost in terms of taxes and pension contributions.

Non Compete Clauses

Unfortunately there may be times when an employee can actually be a competitor to one’s business. For example, a graphic designer hired full time by a communications agency may be working over the weekend in a freelance capacity offering the same services for less money than their employer.
Non-competition agreements serve to protect employers. However, in order for them to be considered valid, and unchallengeable at a later time, they must not hinder an employee’s future career opportunities if they chose to leave the company.
PFL closely analyzes each unique situation in order to create non-competition clauses in employment contracts that will on one hand protect our client and on the other be undisputable in the future.

Company & Trade Union Agreements

Our employment law team has a vast experience in the drafting of company agreements between trade union employee representatives and employers. These agreements are established in order to resolve conflicts, especially in situations of great tension such as transfers or changes in the terms of employment contracts.

Trade Union Mediation

Drafting a satisfactory agreement with Italian trade unions only comes after a successful mediation process between employers and the representatives of their employees. PFL works to protect the interests of our clients while at the same time negotiating with trade union representatives to find a common ground that satisfies all of the parties involved.


Some disputes can be resolved without going to court simply by sitting down at the negotiating table. In these situations, legal counsel can suggest strategies to put an end to a contentious situation.

Employment Litigation

PFL can represent clients before the Italian labor courts as well as with any necessary appeals.

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