U.S. opens doors to foreign investors: learn about E-2 visa and investment opportunities.

The United States offers several visa options for foreign investors wishing to start businesses or invest in the country. Among the most popular options is the E-2 visa for commercial investors.

To qualify for the E-2 Visa, you must be a citizen of a country that has a trade and investment treaty with the United States and a substantial investment in a business activity in the United States is required.

There is no fixed investment requirement, but the amount must be significant relative to the total cost of the business.

This visa allows holders to enter and remain in the United States to manage and operate the business they have invested in. The duration of the visa may vary, but it is generally renewable as long as the business continues to operate and has no maximum extension limit.

For each type of visa, it is critical to understand the requirements, processing times, and application process. Specialized legal advice is often essential to successfully navigate the complex system of U.S. immigration laws.

A law firm such as ours, with expertise in immigration law, can offer the assistance you need to obtain the visa that best suits your needs.

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